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Domestic Violence Support Group

Join together with others to help one another through tough times. This group is aimed at supporting women going through domestic violence.

Social Skills Group for Children

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MENtal Health Group

This men's group is designed to help men 

break through the mental health stigma of 

that men are not "allowed" to feel or express

themselves. This will be a place created for men to share their true thoughts and feelings without judgement, learn new coping skills

and have a chill time with the guys.

Couples Counseling Group

Our couples counseling group is a six week series held in a small group format. We follow the clinically proven Gottman methodology to heal intimate bonds, reduce relationship distress, improve relationship satisfaction and much more.

If you feel like you or your spouse may need this group to help in those areas or simply feel that the relationship is quite not there yet, dont hesitate and call to or email to join the group! 

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